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Financial Guidance


Getting the right guidance for your business is essential if you don’t to be caught drowning in legal problems. Hire us and know if your investments are safe from any lawsuits that might be lurking in the finance shadows.

Marriage Dissolution Attorney


Get our services for the right approach to your marriage dissolution. With our roster of professionals stressing over the process won’t be an issue. Put your past behind you and start anew whilst keeping what you earned with your work.

Resolving Real Estate Issues


Don’t lose your property due to the lack of experience of some attorney. Get our real estate guidance service and have a real team of experienced professionals watching your back. Hire us and make sure your property stays that way.

An Affordable Legal Help

We always tried to keep our prices low due to the nature of our business. People come to us in their time of need, so we were shocked to find out that our prices are so much lower than our competitors. Despite that knowledge we kept our prices at an affordable rate and we encourage the surrounding offices of Tampa to do the same. We do our best not to waste the money and time of honest good folks that come into our office.

Our Clients Reviews

Annie Graham

I can’t thank you enough for the help you provided me with. When I had nowhere else to turn to your office was there. Thanks to your services I was able to keep my house, and that’s something my family will be thankful to for generations to come.

Glad I found you guys when I did. Thanks to my nephew’s recommendation I was able to get the right lawyer to sue people responsible for my injury. Now I can finally put all that hell behind me and enjoy retirement in its fullest

Malcolm Raymer

Free legal consultation

We provide free legal consultation to any person that approaches us. When facing legal issues, money can’t always be an accessible resource and that’s why we do what we do. Understanding our fellow citizens is essential in order to provide the best legal aid possible. Money is not an issue, come by our office and see for yourself. Everyone deserves a good word of advice every once in a while.

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